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                                    urban tutors since 1980

Online courses are the biggest saviors of students and professionals today. From guitar classes to learning school subjects, online tuitions have brought revolutionary modifications in the way education was disseminated. Ever wondered how this brilliant idea of the online study came on the surface? 

Historically, online tutoring began with an email. In this format, a student sent a question to the tutor with the expectation that the return email would contain “the answer.” Instead, what happened was a disconnection: The tutor, being a good guide, sent back a Socratic answer with more questioning prompts; the student, expecting “the answer,” became frustrated. Although the student may expect a give and take interaction in a face-to-face tutoring session, the email format suggested to the student that the question should be answered with a direct answer.

This illustration is an example of using technology without fully developing the concept of tutoring in the online environment. urban tutors takes a step into the future by introducing a futuristic form of learning through modern technology available at your disposal.

urban tutors provides services in all over world with 30000+  expert tutors and more then one million students globally.

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